Two talents at your service


Since 2012, Pierre MANU and Julien LABIGNE unite their talents and their experiences to bring a new and bold artistic approach, creating personalized illusions based on your messages and your strategies.


PIERRE MANU, (Founder)

An illusionist and mentalist, Pierre Manu began his career as a professional tennis trainer. He then joined a medium-sized company and trained in techniques relating to illusion, to cognitive psychology and to relational communication.

In 2003, he changed professional direction and moved into the artistic world. Very rapidly his services became highly prized in the domain of sporting and corporate events.





An illusionist and mentalist, Julien Labigne is a graduate in corporate management and has more than 10 years of experience as an author in the field of theatre, television and cinema. He has notably collaborated as a consultant with actors such as Jean Dujardin, Edouard Baer and Pierre Richard.

In 2013, he received the Best Mentalist Prize at the Magic Show Awards. In 2014, he participated as a speaker in the prestigious “Talks” program hosted on the American Tedx site.