Magic influence

And illusion becomes communication


Live shows, cinema and the media demonstrate that no message, no matter how pertinent it may be, can be successfully conveyed if not delivered in a striking way.

Surprise incites curiosity. Involvement facilitates understanding. Emotion fosters consensus.


We put mentalism and the visual arts at the service of your communication by devising presentations which stage your message theatrically, transmit this message to the audience through interaction, and root it deeply in the mind by a process of emotional reaction. We rely on astonishment and human values in order to create a mental impact in a positive way!

Our vision of a company is “anthropocentric” : the human being is more than ever the center of the debate. Our approach is based on sharing experiences and knowledge.


We use our “tricks” as mean rather than an end…


Our interventions are, as such, a powerful vector of relational and emotional communication, which contributes as much of the success of collective intelligence as the management of its ecology. This highlights in a revelant way, the excellency of your company and can contribute to its influence.

Markus Baltzer – Bayer Healthcare – Chairman

" Working with Pierre and Julien is always a great pleasure. They understand Corporate issues and translate them into precise and admirable actions. ”

Thierry PINGET – Network and Sales Manager – CHARVET LA MURE BIANCO

" The network team and I thank you sincerely for the excellent performance you provided us on Saturday evening. "

Valérie ESCOT – Internal and Corporate Communication Manager – Banque Populaire Loire et Lyonnais

“ Many thanks to the Magic Influence Team who made our event a big success. The feedbacks are highly positive, we are so happy. ”