The illusion at the service of communication


Plenary assemblies

We prepare customised “interludes” based on the messages or values to be transmitted during your plenary assemblies in order to generate rhythm and interaction.

We help your speakers to prepare themselves for their tasks. We devise intelligent theatrical productions, which allow the spectators to learn at the same time as they are astonished. Creating unity via participation..


Seminars / team-building

We draw your employees’ full attention to your managerial vision by means of training workshops which exploit our professional disciplines.

These employees become actors in collective projects which instill in them values such as commitment, the taste for innovation or the sense of teamwork.


Professional exhibitions

Product launches, road-shows, professional exhibitions, the animation of sales areas… We provide support to your marketing methods so that your product or service creates a deep imprint on the mind!


Conferences & training sessions

Our theatrically-presented training sessions and conferences address corporate problems in an untraditional way. A real surprise and awakening for the participants! A pedagogical treat which combines both substance and method!